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This blog is dedicated to Rachel Berry. You can find here all the captures of Rachel through the seasons and the episodes.
You can request any caps you want, from any episodes !

Ask box is waiting for you ;)
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730 days, 104 weeks, 24 months, more than 5000 posts in all my blogs, 300 followers, a lots of anons messages, theses are all the things that sup up my two years here. As you can guess, it’s the 2nd anniversary of my blog “Rachel Barbra Berry” (that changed several times of name) !
I know I haven’t been here recently, but I’m still one of yours and will always be :) Thanks you all for the nice messages, I love all the people I met here, even if I’ll never meet them, I really liked chatting with them.
I hope that one day I’ll got more time to take care of all my blogs again, but college is very hard and I can’t mess up this one !
Until then, you can visit for the first or for the 30th time my blogs :)
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It’s been a long I haven’t been there, but I’m back cause i’m on a break, and i’ll do new Rachel caps !

So ask me as much as you want :)

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Could you get some caps from "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle" with Rachel in the football uniform, and some from "Journey" during New Directions performance, particularly I'm looking for that one bit where Rachel and Quinn are right next to each other?

I will, ASAP :)

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